The company Aetina, founded in Taiwan in 2012,  is dedicated to sophisticated edge computing solutions for industry. The main focus is on networking smart technologies and devices in such a way that they optimise automation processes with the help of artificial intelligence.
We offer the hardware required for this, such as edge devices, AI accelerators and AI GPUs, as well as complete customised solutions. 

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Cervoz develops, manufactures and sells rugged RAM, SSD and flash memory products for industrial applications. PC expansion cards complete the portfolio.
Due to Cervoz's industry experience in the industrial market, the high-quality products are characterised by current technologies, long-term availability, BOM control, high reliability and high compatibility. From the design phase to final inspection, everything is done to produce suitable products for the harsh industrial environment.


COMMELL produces computer platforms and solutions for industry. With professional R&D and QA teams, Commell develops, produce and sell industrial boards, CPU cards and PC expansion modules.
The products are suitable for both system integrators and end users who want to expand or enhance their applications easily and cost-effectively. All products are characterised by high reliability, compatibility and long-term availability.


iBase Technology Inc. is a well known manufacturer and supplier of box PC systemsindustrial boards, backplanes and CPU cards in the industrial PC and fast growing IIoT market.
To ensure the high quality standards of the products, iBase carries out extensive manufacturing and quality control at its own production facilities in Taiwan. Supported by a strong R&D team, iBase is a leader in developing products that integrate cutting-edge technology and meet unique and specific requirements.


ICP DAS, founded in 1993, is focused on innovations and products around industrial automation and communication technology.
The portfolio includes remote I/O modulescontrollers and PC plug-in cardsEthernet switchesgatewaysconverters and device servers complete the portfolio.
To maintain the position of a technology-leading platform provider, over 100 software and hardware engineers develop the best solutions and innovative products for all areas of automation.


IEI Integration Corp. is a leading supplier of industrial computers and computer components.
IEI's products include box PCspanel PCsmonitorsindustrial boardsCPU cardsbackplanes as well as chassis and power supplies. They are used, for example, in factory automation, network applications, security systems and in applications such as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).
As a top brand in the IPC industry, IEI has a high demand on product quality. The integration of advanced technologies into product development is a self-evident part of IEI's philosophy.


Korenix Technology is a member of the Beijer Group with a focus on industrial data communication.
An extensive range of Ethernet switches, interface convertersdevice serversrouter and PC expansion cards are part of the product portfolio.
Oriented to the needs and developments in the market, the continuous expansion and modernisation of the product portfolio is constantly ongoing. The products are used in all SMART industries such as monitoring, machine-to-machine communication, automation, remote monitoring and transport.


With the slogan "We Connect Things to Cloud", the company Milesight makes a clear commitment to the "Industrial IoT" and similar applications of digital transformation. Founded in China in 2017, Milesight now offers a comprehensive, high-quality and cost-effective range of products and services.
The product portfolio includes 5G and cellular routers, as well as routerssensorsgateways and IoT controllers with LoRaWAN technology.


MSI (Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.) has more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing computer boards. The company is one of the 3 largest motherboard manufacturers in the world and is internationally recognised for the high quality and innovation of its products.
MSI has been in the industrial market since 2006, producing reliable and expandable motherboards and CPU cards with long-term availability guarantees of 5 to 7 years.
Thanks to solid research, development and an efficient DMS (Design, Manufacturing & Service) solution, MSI is a good partner in the embedded and industrial market.


Founded in 1992 and with its headquarter in Taiwan, NEXCOM is a trusted partner in creating intelligent computing solutions. With the mission of providing targeted solutions for customers, NEXCOM is divided into six business units.
These offer box PCs, panel PCsmonitorsindustrial boardsbackplanes and CPU cards for markets such as IoT Automation Solutions, Intelligent Digital Security and Internet of Things.
The strategic positioning makes it possible to offer time-to-market and time-to-solution products at acceptable prices. NEXCOM's headquarters in Taiwan and its subsidiaries in China, the UK and the USA are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.


ORing was founded in 2005 and is specialised in the development and production of innovative products for industrial network technology.
ORing has many years of experience in the development of industrial switchesconverters and PC expansion cards and continuously introduces products of high product quality to the market.
Great importance is attached to the needs of the customers. The motto of the development team is therefore: "Customer needs drives our innovations!"


Planet is a global manufacturer of IP network products and solutions. Planet's strengths are its innovative capacity, high product quality and a very good price/performance ratio.
 The products strengthen and complete our range of Ethernet switchesconvertersdevice servers and routers, especially in the medium and high performance class.
Planet follows the 3 R strategy: Right Time, Right Product, Right Price.


Unitronics was founded in Israel in 1989. Today, the manufacturer of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with integrated HMI has 160 partners in over 55 countries.
Unitronics' products have once again been awarded the "Engineers' Choice Award" by the well-known US automation magazine "Control Engineering". This puts them in good society with award winners such as Siemens, Beckhoff or Phönix Contact.
Spectra offers detailed technical pre-sales support and German-speaking support free of charge for its products.

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