Products for Industrial IoT

Networking of Sensors and Actuators

Industry 4.0 requires reliable network components. Machines and systems have to be connected to each other in various ways in many places. Because of the harsh ambient conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, chemical substances, dust and vibrations, the use of network technology such as Ethernet switches in industry and production always involves challenges. By using the industrial switches and I/O modules by Spectra, you can fall back on tried-and-tested communication and automation technology. Network your actuators and sensors, optimise your production processes and reduce your production costs.

In this theme world, we have compiled products that we recommend for your IIoT tasks based on different characteristics.

You will find computer systems equipped with the appropriate software to prepare data for the public or private cloud. The selection is extended by products for the peripherals that "speak" MQTT.

Hardware for IIoT

From Sensor into the Cloud

Automation must open towards the Cloud

Anyone who wants to benefit from Industry 4.0 and IIoT will not evade the opening of Automation. New interfaces on process, control, up to company level lead to an unprecedented networking.

Industrialisation 1.0 to 4.0

The steam engine is the symbol of industrialisation. Even though it has long since been overtaken by modern technologies, the principles of Industry 4.0, with the recording and intelligent processing of all process parameters, can also be applied to machines and plants of every industrial generation.

IoT Automationpyramide en

Collect and Visualize Data

The analysis of the machine data provides valuable information on potential savings. For example, operating costs can be saved in productions with high energy input or downtimes can be avoided by timely indication of the degree of wear of components (predictive maintenance). Specialized gateways and smaller edge PCs help to feed this data to the fieldbus level for joint evaluation at the company level with manageable effort.

They act as a link between machine data and the higher company level and prepare different fieldbus formats (PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, etc.) for standard Ethernet communication. Via IoT protocols such as MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) or OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture), the data is then transmitted to a cloud platform (private or public), merged and processed.

IoT Vernetzung

Project realization fromn a single source

Industry 4.0 and IIoT projects require team players and partners in addition to the interaction of different hardware and software components.

Our experienced employees support you with their know-how on all levels - from vision to solution.

IoT Beratung


You have some initial ideas for the start of digitization, but no integrated concept yet, no concrete plan for implementation?

An open discussion with a consultant who reflects the ideas neutrally often helps to identify the individual topics more clearly and to get to the heart of unspecific ideas. This is the important first step towards an industry 4.0 & IIoT solution. The next step is the realization of the project, either linearly along traditional specifications or iteratively using agile methods.

IoT Hardware


For years we have been serving the market with products and solutions in the fields of industrial PCs, automation and industrial network technology. These products also play a decisive role in the field of Industry 4.0 & IIoT. New and of central importance are IIoT gateways, IIoT controllers, Edge and Fog PCs at the interface of OT and IT. They form the link to public or private cloud services.

You specify - we set it up. IP addresses, communication parameters, access rights, default values. On request, we deliver your devices preset with your specific settings.

IoT Software Node Red


Pre-processing of data, visualization on the web, apps for smartphones, tablets or PCs - ask us for software solutions or connections to web services such as Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix. With graphical programming systems such as Node-RED from IBM, the data flow from machine-oriented raw data to compressed, meaningful plant or operating data is modelled.

The same development environment and the same look and feel on the IIoT gateway as well as within the Bluemix cloud portal considerably simplify the software development of a IIoT project.

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