Voice Control for Industry

Voice control gives the human-machine interface a new dimension and can play out its advantages in all applications in which, for example, a third hand is required. It is also very helpful for the parallelization of manual work or control processes with logging tasks.

Benefits of voice control

  • Hands-free operation
  • Acoustic status messages
  • Parallel operation 
  • More powerful user interfaces 
  • Multiple commands

Various applications

  • Supplementing HMIs with voice control
  • Control of machines and plants 
  • Natural collaboration with robots 
  • Self-explanatory operating concepts

Industrial Voice Control Applications

Embedded voice control

Several keywords (Intents, Slots) and parameters (Values) can be embedded in any phrases - without limiting the order of keywords and the structure of commands (Natural Language Understanding - NLU).

A semantic evaluation interprets the language input and determines the task to be performed and the parameters to be controlled.

The universal IoT protocol MQTT enables reliable coupling and independent spatial distribution of voice operation and machine control in the local IP network. The availability in 30 languages means that it can be used worldwide.

Industrial Voice Control Tank Sprachbefehle
Industrial Voice Control Tank Application
Building a voice application

  1. Train
    The speech dialog is created in the web-based development tool vicSDC. First the desired national language is defined and an activation word is selected. Examples are defined for the definition of control tasks (intents) and their value assignment (slots) and the keywords and slots are marked manually. 
  2. Translate
    The created project is compiled using AI-based methods, checked for errors and saved in a resource package. The compilation process adds variations of the natural language. 
  3. Transfer
    The resource package is transferred to the Spectra PowerBox PC or the Spectra PowerTwin Panel PC. There it forms the basis for the customer-specific voice application. 
  4. Voice input
    The operator has the possibility to use the learned commands in his natural language. Keywords are used to activate the speech dialog only when required. As soon as the speech recognizer recognizes a command via the microphone, it is processed further. 
  5. Operate
    The voice commands are linked to an MQTT command, which is either processed locally by the machine controller or transmitted to the machine via an existing Ethernet interface. 
  6. Voice output
    As soon as an MQTT event comes back from the machine, this event can trigger functions in the voice dialog. The stored voice output texts are output via the loudspeaker and serve the operator, for example, as confirmation, answer or information on the machine status.

Industrial Voice Control Process

Industrial PC with Voice Control

All-in-One Solution for your Application

When delivered, the Spectra PowerBox PC or Spectra PowerTwin Panel PC is equipped with the generic vicCONTROL application and a license for using the vicSDC web tool.

The web-based development tool vicSDC enables the user of vicCONTROL to independently create or expand his speech dialogs during the design phase by entering examples and marking intents, slots and values.

A customer-specific voice control consists of the application-independent, generic vicCONTROL voice dialog application and application-specific voice resources (voice vocabulary with intents, slots, and values, voice output, and control interface to the target application), which are created by the user during this design phase.

>> Partnership Spectra / Voice INTER connect GmbH

>> IPC with voice control

Voice Control enabled Hardware

The easiest entry into voice control is a Panel PC or Mini-PC that is prepared for voice control.

The hardware has an integrated microphone and a loudspeaker or is prepared for their connection. The operating system, Windows 10 IoT or Linux, contains the necessary drivers and the speech processing software is already pre-installed.

In addition, the online design tool vicSDC makes it possible to create a customer-specific speech dialog quickly and easily. More than 30 languages are available.

Voice Control Application

The "ideal solution" is a newly developed operating concept that combines the functions of your existing operating concept with the advantages of voice control. This approach provides you with a solution tailored to your application.

The voice INTER connect team supports our customers with expert knowledge and many years of project experience in these mostly complex tasks, which result from process integration and the consideration of demanding application scenarios.

By selecting the appropriate vicCONTROL product and the tailored process adaptations, an optimal rationalization with a robust complete solution is achieved.

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