Basically, an operating system performs the following tasks:

  • Hiding the complexity of the machine from the user (abstraction) 
  • Providing a user interface 
  • Provision of a standardized programming interface (API) 
  • Management of machine resources 
  • Pursuit of protection strategies in resource provisioning 
  • Coordination of processes

The suitable, pre-installed operating system turns a computer hardware into a functional industrial PC system. Therefore the selection, the installation including the updates and the version-safe storage are important points that we take care of for you.

Your added value

  • Enormous time saving
  • Functional reliability 
  • License cost savings for Linux operating systems 
  • Reproducibility


Of course you get the current Windows versions pre-installed on your system. But you can also get "older" Windows versions, which are only available via the Microsoft Embedded sales channel. In addition, we offer you the creation of a Windows Embedded operating system tailored to your application.


We are happy to create an individual operating system based on Linux according to your requirements. Usually we use the Yoctco development environment. The advantages for you are the savings in license costs and the compact operating system optimized for your application.

Real-Time OS

Together with our partner Sybera we offer you a real-time environment under Windows. The Real-Time OS is especially necessary for deterministic and/or synchronous applications. This is, for example, the case with motion control and image processing applications.

Our Tips about Operating Systems


Comparison of Windows Versions

Which Windows Operating Systems suits my application? In the meantime, Windows® 10 has established itself in the PC world and a large proportion of the new industrial PC systems at Spectra are also supplied with Windows 10. For a long time, "Windows Professional" was the version for the classic small and medium-sized company, as the "Enterprise Version" was only available through corresponding larger contracts. For many companies this was often too complex ...

>> Windows Operating Systems


Alternatives for Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft has made the sale of the Windows 10 operating system in all consumer editions (Home, Pro and for workstations) cease as of January 31, 2023. This includes the full versions and the versions from the download section of the Microsoft website as well as the so-called OEM or System Builder versions that are sold via the distribution channel. Microsoft will continue to support the software until October 14, 2025, during which time Microsoft will provide regular security update...

>> Product discontinuation and replacement


How the Operating System can provide more security

Maximum safety is very important for our industrial customers. That's why Spectra uses a Windows operating system that protects the industrial PC even better against unauthorized access or data loss. The new Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC offers you numerous Advanced Lockdown features. These "Advanced Lockdown Functions" enable the exact assignment of access authorizations... 

>> Windows 10 extended functions


Master- or Single-Key Licenses?

Microsoft ® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC has an important feature: The "Long-Term Servicing Channel" (LTSC). The LTSC service model prevents computers running this operating system from receiving the usual functional updates...

>> PKEA Licenses Information  


Windows 10 or Windows 11?

Continue to trust the proven Windows 10 Iot Enterprise LTSC. Everyone is talking about Windows 11 - and it is also exciting to see what new features Microsoft has implemented in its latest Windows operating system, including a new graphical user interface, support for USB4 and Wi-Fi 6E. For our customers from the industrial environment, however, long-term support, stability of the installation...

>> Comparison Windows 10 vs. Windows 11


Embedded Settings Made Easy

For reasons of safety, efficiency or user-friendliness, customization of the operating system to individual requirements is necessary in industrial environments. The adjustment of these numerous functions is complex and requires advanced knowledge of the operating system. The embedded settings for Win 10 IoT are much more convenient with our new Embedded Configuration Manager (ECM)...

>> ECM Tool


"Linux Onboard" or "Linux Tested"

Linux distributions offer the user numerous advantages such as open source software, update control or high operating system speed and are therefore being used more and more frequently. Spectra offers you a wide range of hardware for Linux applications. We differentiate between "Linux onboard" and "Linux tested" products...

>> More about Linux

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