>> MI1000AF-R


On the Rails, Get set, Go!




  >> tGW-725


Panel PC or Box PC - You choose!

Modern industrial companies are usually reliant on comprehensive equipment with industrial PC systems. Regardless of whether process data is to be processed or the next work step is to be displayed or documented on a panel PC, PC technology is behind it all...

  >> Spectra PowerTwin 130


Why an update is worthwhile

Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2024 is the 10-year, unchangeable version of the Windows 11 platform. Features such as the ability to protect various areas of the operating system from write access make it ideal for use in industrial devices...

  >> Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2024


Optimal solutions for industrial applications

Embedded systems for industry, such as autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), require powerful and reliable hardware. You, the developer of the system, know how crucial the employed embedded board is...

  >> IB838


Perfect for Machine Vision and AI applications

Modern work processes in industry and research are increasingly relying on the possibilities of machine vision or AI applications. Industrial PC systems that can ideally keep pace with the rapid development of these applications are used to capture and process the data. We present our new 19” industrial PC system Spectra Vision i6K ...

>> Spectra Vision i6K


Space-saving removal of display connectors

The ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to new requirements is crucial in the dynamic world of technology. Modern expansion cards offer a cost-effective solution to expand and upgrade your existing industrial PC systems or mainboards with minimal effort. For example, the demand for high-performance displays for robust industrial applications such as digital signage, medical imaging and transport is constantly increasing. Our new M.2 expansion card MEC-DIS-271L offers you ...

>> MEC-DIS-271L


Data transmission - safe and fast

In industry, networks are often used to control and monitor production processes. As these networks can be very complex, the Ethernet switches used play an important role, as they guarantee the secure and fast transport of data to the right recipient. The new 12-port managed switch IGS-4215 8T4X enables you ...

  >> IGS-4215 8T4X


Seamless Connection between IT & OT

In the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial automation, the merging of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is crucial for companies seeking efficiency and adaptability. By using OPC UA, it is possible to ensure reliable and secure communication between different devices and systems. The U-7560M is characterized by its advanced integration ...

>> U-7560M

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