Seamless Connection between IT & OT

In the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial automation, the merging of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is crucial for companies seeking efficiency and adaptability. By using OPC UA, it is possible to ensure reliable and secure communication between different devices and systems. The U-7560M is characterized by its advanced integration ...

>> U-7560M


Safe Automation Solutions

Automated work processes are becoming increasingly complex and safety requirements are very high, especially for collaborative workstations where people work closely with machines. For the development of such solutions, all components must already have extensive safety functions. We present the SCB 100, a SIL-2 compliant mini-ITX board....

  >> SCB 100


On the Rails, Get set, Go!

Box PCs are increasingly being used in trains to ensure smooth and efficient rail operations and passenger safety. They perform a variety of tasks, such as vehicle monitoring, signal processing, data acquisition and analysis as well as passenger information...

>>  Spectra Power Box 300-Series


Revolutionary AI Power in Miniature Format

Whether you're developing the next generation of intelligent camera systems, increasing efficiency in automation technology, making transportation systems safer or creating innovative IoT solutions, device manufacturers looking to realize innovative next-generation edge AI applications are increasingly turning to NVIDIA Jetson Orin platforms...

  >> AIB-SO21


Compact Design Combined with Industrial Quality and Top AI Performance

Industrial automation, smart city solutions, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry face complex challenges that require innovative and reliable technologies. Our AI systems not only provide a space-saving solution, but also the computing power ...

  >> AIE-KN41


Perfect for Image Processing

In addition to mainboards with modern and powerful processors, computers for image processing also require a large number of high-speed interfaces for connecting the cameras and forwarding the data. For industrial applications, the mainboard should also be able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions...

  >> MS-CF05


The Time has Come for Automated Processes

More and more manual processes are being automated, both in industry and in the commercial sector. On the one hand, this serves to increase efficiency, but is also due to the fact that there is a shortage of labor and increased personnel costs. Compact embedded PCs with modern graphics performance ...

  >> Neu-X303mini


Tuning for your AI Solution

The compact board bundle AIB-SN31-1-A1 with the Jetson Orin NX platform offers you future-oriented solutions if you want to differentiate yourself in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Developed by NVIDIA, this platform is not only a milestone in AI performance, but also provides a wealth of interface options that make it a versatile tool for any type of AI application...

  >> AIB-SN31


3.5" Board for 13. Generation Raptor Lake CPU

Compact and powerful embedded systems are required for modern AI, robotics or AGV (automated guided vehicle) applications. Developers like to use embedded boards with a small form factor and the latest processor technology. For these applications, we recommend the IB961 3.5" embedded board series, which gives you a choice of 4 processor variants (Core i7/i5/i3) from the state-of-the-art Intel Raptor Lake generation...

>> IB961


Edge AI Box PC with Alder Lake Processors

Sophisticated AI applications in industry require a suitable computer platform to handle multiple processes in the shortest possible time and/or in real time - a so-called Edge AI system. With the Spectra PowerBox 420, we present a very powerful, industrial Edge AI box PC with the latest processor technology. You can choose between various 12th generation processors from Core i9 to Celeron to suit your application ...

  >> Spectra PowerBox 420

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