PLC Controllers by Unitronics

All programmable logic controllers (PLC) of the model series Jazz, M91, Samba, Vision and UniStream follow the principle of PLC and HMI in one unit: all-in-one. Depending on the model, the displays vary from 2-line text displays in black/white to graphics-enabled 15" colour displays with a touch function. The programming environment and a comprehensive range of software tools are included in the scope of delivery of all controllers. Depending on the scope of tasks, they act as multifunction controllers in the process.

Entry-Level PLC

The Jazz, M91 und Samba PLC series are particularly suitable for small, manageable applications with typically 20 I/O channels at maximum. The PLC systems have all features of a "large" PLC, such as free programmability of the control logic and displays as well as full data remanence of all flags and registers.

Advanced-Level PLC

The Vision and UniStream PLC series are particularly suitable for medium-sized applications requiring I/O expandability, communication interfaces or comprehensive software functions. Connection of up to 1,000 I/O channels, Ethernet with web server, data logging with an SD card, several-megabyte memory for programmes, displays and process images are only some of the performance parameters.

Expansion Modules by Unitronics

Communication modules connect a PLC to other devices via Ethernet, RS-232/485, CANbus or PROFIBUS. I/O modules extend the number of I/O channels controlled by the PLC. If the I/O modules are connected externally, an adapter (EX-A2X or URB-TCP) is always required first, to which up to 8x remote or 63x Ethernet I/O modules can then be connected. Only the large-format Vision PLCs from 5" display upwards are equipped with 1x snap-in I/O module on the rear. For the modular 7", 10" or 15" UniStream PLC, the Uni-IO modules are used, which are either plugged directly onto the rear of the PLC or mounted on a remote DIN rail using the extension kits in the accessories (UAG-xxxx).

Automation Controller by ICPDAS

Automation controllers are small, local control systems with or without a user interface. They are usually programmed with programming languages such as C or C++.

Controller Modules

The compact Automation Controllers of the I-7188 and µPAC series are ideal for use in space-critical applications in the field of data acquisition, automation systems and remote control. With compact dimensions, built-in interfaces and E/A channels available or optional via XV daughterboard, the PACs are particularly suitable for small and simple "embedded applications". The more modern µPAC series differs from the proven I-7188 series by a higher hardware equipment with faster CPU, more memory and lower power consumption.

Expansions for Controller 

The I-7188 and µPAC series support an I/O expansion bus. The controller expansion cards listed here expand the two series with I/O functions such as D/I, D/O, A/D, D/A, flash memory, UART, timer/counter and many more.

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