When it comes to operation, you can choose between resistive or capacitive (PCAP) touch systems. We also offer models without touch for pure display purposes. Our displays and monitors are also equipped with either IP65 protection on the front or IP656 protection all round. Some models have IP66/69K protection. The sunreadable versions are particularly suitable for good readability in direct light. All industrial monitors are available in different screen resolutions and proportions.

Display sizes

6.5" to 10.4"

The extremely compact industrial displays and monitors in sizes 6.5, 7, 8, 8.4 or 10 inches are particularly suitable for HMI applications. Their IP65 protection ensures safe, long-lasting use even in damp conditions.

12.1" to 19"

Displays and industrial monitors between 12.1 and 19 inches are the most frequently used display sizes in machine automation. They are available with a resistive or capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen, but also as a pure display panel without touch. We also offer monitors of this size as wide-screen variants. Depending on the environmental conditions in your company, you can choose between IP65 or IP66/69K protection.

21.5" to 24" 

Industrial displays between 20 and 24 inches are used in industrial multimedia applications or for visualizing the production process, among other things. Here too, we offer models with IP65, IP66 or IP66/69K protection. The 24-inch industrial monitors with full HD resolution are particularly suitable for visualizing complex and detailed applications.


The matching accessories for the displays and monitors make use and installation much easier. VESA wall mounts, stands, swivel arms and more can be found here.
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