The industrial mainboards and single board computers have integrated CPU platforms of all current generations and/or chipsets. Our manufacturers include COMMELL, IBASE, NEXCOM, IEI and MSI.
We offer system boards and embedded boards with standard operating temperatures from 0°C to 60°C, but also in the extended temperature range from -40°C to 85°C. All boards are suitable for continuous operation and have a long-term availability of up to 15 years.

Form factors:


ATX boards have a size of 305 x 244 mm and a large number of PCIe, mini-PCIe and M.2 slots. Another major advantage is the I/O connections, which are integrated into the baseplate of the ATX mainboards.

Micro ATX (µATX)

Micro ATX boards have a more compact size than the ATX boards of 244 x 244 mm. This means that they can fit into more compact cases, making them ideal for space-constrained environments. If you prefer a small case or need to save space, a mATX motherboard is a good choice.

Mini- ITX

Mini-ITX boards have very compact dimensions of 170 x 170 mm. Despite this, the Mini-ITX mainboards are very similar to an ATX board in terms of features. 


Nano ITX boards measure 120 x 120 mm and still have a considerable selection of interfaces and expansion slots. They are characterized above all by their low power consumption.


With dimensions of 100 x 72 mm, the Pico ITX board is one of the smallest industrial embedded boards on the market. It is in no way inferior to the larger Nano-ITX boards in terms of computing performance and boasts extremely low power consumption.


Single board computers with the 3.5 inch form factor offer compactness and high performance. They measure 146 x 102 mm. Their range includes all current CPU platforms.


Embedded boards with the 5.25 inch form factor have dimensions of 203 x 146 mm. They have a large number and variety of interfaces and slots, for example for mini-PCIe or mini-PCIe Express. They are also equipped with the latest embedded chipsets.


With dimensions of 115 x 165 mm, EPIC boards are particularly compact embedded boards. They support numerous PC/104 and PC/104+ boards and have one to two mPCIe slots. Their range includes all current CPU platforms.

Board Sets

Our industrial board sets are pre-configured and extensively tested before being shipped to you. We also offer additional services such as BIOS or DMI settings, other board modifications, project handling, stocking and much more. 


Individual components such as expansion cards, processors, CPU and SSD cards can be found in the IPC components section.
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