Intel is the best-known manufacturer of microprocessors, which are used in many computers, laptops and servers worldwide. These processors are characterized by their high performance, energy efficiency and reliability. They are also known for their advanced technology and innovations such as Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost, integrated graphics solutions and enhanced security features.

The range of Intel processors includes various series, including the Core i series, the Xeon series, the Celeron series and the Pentium series. Each series is optimized for specific use cases and user requirements.

Choosing the right Intel processor depends on your individual requirements and budget. We offer a wide range of options to ensure you find the processor that best suits your needs.

Processor types

XEON series

The Xeon series is designed for use in workstations and servers and offers high performance and reliability for demanding tasks such as data processing, virtualization and server applications. These processors are often found in industry and data centers.

Core-i series

The Core i series is one of the best known and most widely used Intel processor series. It offers powerful processors for desktop computers and laptops that are suitable for everyday tasks, gaming, multimedia production and much more. The Core i processors are available in different performance levels, ranging from dual-core processors to high-end octa-core processors.

Celeron and Pentium series

The Celeron and Pentium series offer cost-effective processors for basic computing tasks and simple applications. They are ideal for users who do not need a high-end computer but still want acceptable performance.

Atom series

The Intel Atom series of processors is specifically designed for use in mobile and energy-efficient devices. This series is characterized by its low power consumption and compact design.

Processor generations (desktop & server)

  • Haswell (Core i7-4000 und Core i5-4000 Serie, Xeon E7 v3) - 2013
  • Broadwell (Core i7-5000 und Core i5-5000 Serie, Xeon E) - 2014
  • Skylake (Core i7-6000 und Core i5-6000 Serie, Xeon E3 v5) - 2015
  • Kaby Lake (Core i7-7000 und Core i5-7000 Serie) - 2016
  • Coffee Lake (Core i9-8000, Core i7-8000, Core i5-8000 Serie, Xeon E) - 2017
  • Whiskey Lake (Core i7-8000U, Core i5-8000U Serie) - 2018
  • Comet Lake (Core i9-10000, Core i7-10000, Core i5-10000, Core i3-10000 Serie, Xeon W) - 2019
  • Tiger Lake (Core i9-11000, Core i7-11000, Core i5-11000, Core i3-11000 Serie) - 2020
  • Alder Lake (Core i9-12000, Core i7-12000, Core i5-12000 Serie) - 2021
  • Raptor Lake (Core i9-13000, Core i7-13000, Core i5-13000 Serie) - 2022
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