Important selection criteria

To ensure that the box PC meets the requirements of your specific application, it is advisable to carefully evaluate your requirements in advance.
  • Ready for use yes/no: Systems that are not ready for use are still missing components such as RAM, SSD or the operating system. We are happy to equip these systems with the components you require.
  • Processor (CPU): We offer a wide range of processors from Atom to XEON.
  • Graphics: Some box PCs have dedicated graphics cards or integrated graphics processors (GPU).  
  • Connectivity: These include USB ports, Ethernet ports, serial ports, HDMI or VGA outputs and more.  
  • Expansion options: Are slots or expansion options available for additional hardware components like PCIe cards?

Features and advantages

Box-PC systems offer an impressive array of features and advantages:
  • Compactness: space-saving design allows integration in tight spaces
  • Rugged construction: They are often shock and vibration resistant and can be used in demanding environments.
  • Powerful: Despite their compact size, they offer powerful hardware options, including high-performance processors and fast memory. 
  • Versatile: Box PC systems are available in a variety of configurations and with numerous interfaces. 
  • Reliable: Thanks to their robust design, they are extremely reliable and have a long service life.

Application areas

Box PC systems are used in a wide range of applications:
  • Industrial automation: they are used in manufacturing plants to control machines and processes.
  • Transport and logistics: In automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or in the optimization of logistics processes. 
  • Image processing: In industrial image processing systems for quality control, inspections or for defect detection.  
  • Medical technology: In image-based processes, patient monitoring and laboratory measurements.
  • Kiosk systems: In self-service kiosks and information terminals.
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