Industrial PC

Personal Points of contact

Customers of industrial high-tech products attach particular importance to first-rate service. The failure of an industrial PC may indeed entail a standstill of a production line. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to ensure that in the event of hardware problems you have a competent and experienced point of contact at your disposal who is able to solve some problems already over the phone.

Simulation of operating conditions

If the problem cannot be eliminated with the help of the telephone support, the computer needs to be examined in our company. We make enquiries about the specific operating conditions on site and simulate them in our company. This approach allows for quick fault diagnosis and fault removal.

Third-Level Support

Most repairs and subsequent functional tests can be performed at Spectra. However, we also have the possibility to contact the manufacturers of the respective components at any time to draw on their concentrated know-how. Any problem can be solved; if it cannot be done in our company, we can resort to the third-level support provided by the component manufacturer.

Spectra After Sales IPC


Support with getting-started

You have received a new product and are having problems with the start-up? In such cases, our technical support team is at your disposal. The options range from telephone support to test mock-up in our company to simulate your specific situation. On-site support is possible as well.

Sudden diagnosis and fault removal

Sudden faults may also affect applications which have been running smoothly for a long time. If you assume that your hardware is affected by a fault, contact our support team. Together with you, we analyse in detail any recent changes in your environment, because faults are often caused by changed ambient conditions.

Back-up from the manufacturer

The long-term, close relationships with our hardware suppliers are also beneficial to our customers in the event that they need support. If we are unable to answer a question or solve a problem in our company, the developers and the support team of the manufacturer are at our and our customers’ disposal.

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