Spectra Silent
Panel PC and monitors in the same design
There is always a matching monitor series for every series of Panel PCs. This allows you to ensure that the operating and display unit look similar.
Spectra Silent Full IP65
IP65 protection all round or at the front
IP65 protection ensures that the Panel PC is dust-tight and protected against water jets from any angle.
Spectra Silent RFID
RFID / NFC Reader
Many operating processes in industry require a permit option. This is very easy to implement with the integrated RFID / NFC reader.

An overview of the series

Panel PC of the Silent-wSL series and monitors of the IP-line series
The all-round IP65-protected panel PCs in this series and the monitors in the IP-line series have a uniform design in all screen diagonals from 12" to 24". The displays have a resistive touchscreen. All interfaces can be individually and waterproofly led out at the rear. There is a waterproof USB socket on the front, which can be used to connect a keyboard or an external RFID reader, for example..
Panel PC of the Silent-wDL series and monitors of the IP-Design-line series
This panel PC and monitor series has an elegant, industrial design. The screen diagonals of the displays range from 12" to 24". The P-CAP touchscreen and touch control surfaces integrated into the front ensure good operability. The panel PCs and monitors are fully IP65 protected and equipped with an integrated RFID reader.
Panel PC from the Silent-wDLe series and monitors from the Design-line series
This All-in-One Panel PC series and the associated monitors have a high-quality and elegant industrial housing. The IP65 protection is limited to the front. With screen diagonals from 12" to 24", a wide range is covered. The display is easy to operate using the P-CAP touchscreen. Touch surfaces for brightness, volume, an app button and an integrated RFID/NFC reader are also available for direct front operation.
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